Nene Hatun College MUN

Dear participants!

Thank you for those two amazing days. We hope to see you again.

 Letter From Secretary General


   As the Secretary General of NHCMUN, I am very proud to be welcoming you all to the secondary Nene Hatun College Model United Nations Conference, which was a big dream that we have been thinking about.

   The quality of debates on the first session of NHCMUN had been exceptionally high. Everyone had been working very hard on their negotiations, and on drafting their Resolutions. Many of you had also been carrying out very valuable support functions, including interpretation, document translation, and liaison between the work of the various Committee.

   Everybody did their best and we are very thankful to all of you for sharing your time with us. We put effort much greater than our capacity to predicate our MUN conference on human rights, peace, and justice. With each step we took on this road of our hopes, dreams and ideals, the outcomes were as great as they could be. NHCMUN is a great place for both you and us to show our real abilities.

  There is an amazing conference waiting for us. With this conference, we will see interactions between countries clearly, we will defend our opinions freely and we will think about the important political issues with respect to others’ ideas.
The future will be a creation from our ideas!

  Best Regards,
  Feyzanur ÖNER

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